Are there fees for using Direct Checkout?

We strongly recommend you also read the following FAQ page: What are the benefits of using Direct Checkout?

If you choose to use "Direct Checkout", there is a payment processing fee of 3%.1
- There are no additional fees!
- The buyer's payment is transferred to your account for free.
- Additionally, you have the option to quickly modify your item price so that the fee will be paid by the buyer.

If you choose to collect payment indirectly, outside of the marketplace, there will also be a fee.
- PayPal and Google Checkout, for example, charge 2.9% + 30 cents.
- It may take a day or more to collect payment on your own.
- Some sellers are unable to collect payment, and have to repost their items for sale.
- You will not enjoy the full suite of features that sellers using "Direct Checkout" have access to.
1 Some communities, may choose to add on their own small fee as a way to support the community. You can review how much to expect when your item sells in step 4 of the listing process.

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